What needs to change?

The bullshit. That’s what needs to change.

I’m committing here and now to 28 bullshit free days. That’s 28 days of no cheating, of owning my own actions, of healthy choices, of water.

What it isn’t is 28 days of perfection. That’s just ridiculous. Especially since I have a girl’s weekend away in Melbourne in the interim.

What it will be is changing 3 habits that no longer work for me, and introducing 3 new habits. That’s 6 habits in 28 days…and that’s do-able.

1.Lose the mid-week booze

This one goes without saying. Alcohol and I have been besties for quite some time now, but just lately our relationship has not been a positive one. I think we’ve been spending too much time together and I’m feeling a tad claustrophobic – as I do when I spend too much time with anyone.

So, I’m cutting back. Because I get the challenges that I have around moderation, I have a better chance of busting this habit if I say no to wine from after lunch on Sunday through Friday evening.

Also on the alcohol front, although I ditched sugar way before it was fashionable to do so, I drink wine – and that has residual sugar. Perhaps it’s time to retrain my palate to vodka with soda and fresh lime? Just a thought. Let’s not rush into it.

2. Control the portion sizes

This one goes without saying. It might be good food that I’m eating, but I’m eating too much of it.

3. Smack the snacks

A tiny tin of tuna might be ok, or an apple or some celery sticks, but 4 cruskits with butter and peanut butter is not. Nor are jatz with goats cheese spread and salami…eaten mindlessly an hour before dinner is due. Just saying.

4. Drink more water

I don’t drink enough. Sure I can make the excuse that when I’m out and about I don’t want to be running to the toilet all day, but I don’t drink enough when I’m home either. 2 litres a day.

5. Step up the exercise

I walk 5kms most mornings, but sit on my butt for the rest of the day – which equals zero incidental exercise. I need to move more. The goal is 10,000 steps a day, or 70,000 a week.

6. Plan ahead and track the change

Knowing that I’m creative with excuses, have difficulty saying no, and am total crap with boundaries, planning ahead is vital. Using recipes from my cookbooks, I have a list of all midweek meals this week, and also a plan for lunches and breakfast.

That plan includes one breakfast out (Saturday), one lunch out (Sunday), and one dinner out (Friday).

The habits I’ve chosen to change take into consideration:

  • our lifestyle – not eating out is simply not an option. The challenge is building that into and around a healthier lifestyle with healthier choices when out.
  • my weaknesses – I’m crap with boundaries, focus, and moderation and can tend to analysis paralysis one day and complete disregard the next
  • my strengths – I’m a good cook, a good planner, like to move and get off on doing things my way.

How am I tracking these changes? In my journal with 1 simple table for each week. It’s primitive and a simple matter of placing a dot or a tick or a cross or whatever in the appropriate place. It sits each week just above the must-do tasks for the week:

You’ll notice that I’m not counting points or calories or carbs or, well, anything other than steps?

Not at this point. Another thing about me – I can find a million ways to complicate a process and then throw it all away because it’s too hard and not sustainable. I’ve been following this bullet journal/ habit tracker format for a few months now and have found it to be achievable.